Turns Out I Don’t Have Any Artistic Talent: Bathroom Edition

Hmmm, this bathroom needs something....like concrete paint!

Hmmm, this bathroom needs something….like concrete paint!

Here’s where I admit to getting way too wrapped up in BuzzFeed’s lists of easy DIY crap such as “5 Million DIY Projects Even an Idiot Like You Can Do,” and “17 Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Rock Like It’s 1972.” Which  totally fooled me into believing I could PAINT. I can’t paint, you guys. I can’t even stick figure on fleek.

But I’m over my 1950s bathroom with 1980s updates. I mean, look at these cabinets-

diy-bathroom-decor-fyiWhat’s up, off-white sink top and ol’ mid-grain wood? Not much, just keeping your Sun-In and Nair fresh for you!


Still, it’s beyond me that I thought the solution would be to paint something above the window in hopes that everything would just come together, magically. The only area that really doesn’t need anything, yet somehow I felt all would be right with just the right artsy touch! That is some major cabinet denial, you guys. And then, I didn’t even want to go out and try and find some good colors for the little flourish. I just decided to use my concrete paint for my glossy bathroom wall.  Read More

I Built My Own Damn Deck

build-your-own-deckBack when I was single and ready to mingle, my girlfriends and I would fantasize about meeting someone special. Someone special who could build us a deck. Well, I did marry someone special but his deck building skills are negligible. And that’s being polite. He’s got his own talents, so no judgment.

When we realized deck building was not in our future, and neither was paying someone a million dollars to build a deck, I decided cement staining and pea pebbling would do the trick. I was half right.

The fact is, a coat of paint can save many a crap situation and as I got my daughter to paint our backyard fences, it became clear that should have been done years ago. But she was just a toddler years ago, so you know, you take what you can get.


Our fences were gross, yo. But now they’re pretty! So our cement staining/painting would have gone the same way, I thought. Let’s transform this cement into a fantasy backyard!

This is how it ended up.

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