Turns Out I Don’t Have Any Artistic Talent: Bathroom Edition

Hmmm, this bathroom needs something....like concrete paint!

Hmmm, this bathroom needs something….like concrete paint!

Here’s where I admit to getting way too wrapped up in BuzzFeed’s lists of easy DIY crap such as “5 Million DIY Projects Even an Idiot Like You Can Do,” and “17 Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Rock Like It’s 1972.” Which  totally fooled me into believing I could PAINT. I can’t paint, you guys. I can’t even stick figure on fleek.

But I’m over my 1950s bathroom with 1980s updates. I mean, look at these cabinets-

diy-bathroom-decor-fyiWhat’s up, off-white sink top and ol’ mid-grain wood? Not much, just keeping your Sun-In and Nair fresh for you!


Still, it’s beyond me that I thought the solution would be to paint something above the window in hopes that everything would just come together, magically. The only area that really doesn’t need anything, yet somehow I felt all would be right with just the right artsy touch! That is some major cabinet denial, you guys. And then, I didn’t even want to go out and try and find some good colors for the little flourish. I just decided to use my concrete paint for my glossy bathroom wall. 

diy-bathroom-update-failYep, couldn’t bear to throw out that much crappy paint so I thought, “Hey, why not throw it up on my wall in this pattern? After all, they do it on BuzzFeed!” And all you have to do is tape up some stuff and paint between the lines! Even I could manage that, right? RIGHT????

This is the pattern you make with that blue tape. Isn’t it awesome?


I honestly thought this was going to look cool. It looked so bad, I’m not even going to show you. Let me just say it bled, it clumped, and I never want to think about it ever again.

And that’s when you go on Fab and order a print by someone who actually can paint. And hang it up. And put your painterly dreams aside.


But don’t think I’ve given up on my cabinets and sink, you guys. ‘Cuz I just found another article that I’m pretty sure makes completely updating your old bathroom seem much easier than it really is. And I’m going for it. NEVER SAY DIE.


  1. merrymoonchild · October 2, 2015

    Awww, I really wanted to see how your paint job came out!


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