Plants Make It All Better: Backyard Renovation Part II

diy-wtf-backyard-renovationCalifornia is in a major drought, you guys. I don’t know if you heard but you probably did because we’re all up in arms about it and are being forced to increase our Evian budgets. What this means for our yards could be dire, unless you go native and start planting succulents. Which I like anyway because I’m too lazy to water regularly.

We actually tried to plant succulents in our dirty dirt patch last fall and that’s when we discovered cement under about 2 inches of soil. This is not enough soil to actually grow anything and my favorite succulents bit the dust. The ones that lived are these super pointy ones you see in the ground that I found out I was allergic to when one jabbed me in the arm as I was carrying it into the backyard. Of course they live on in the 2″ soil. Assholes.

But when I decided to buy more I treated those purty plants to their own pots and repotted some lovely specimens in new potting soil. Voila! Read More