Kicking This Dirt Patch’s Dirty Ass

backyard-diy-failAll righty, then! This is our first DIY home project and we’re freaking doing it. We need a backyard we can use, and that won’t choke us out with dust. So here’s what went down.

We live in the hills which means 1) we’re super lucky to even have a backyard given the hilliness of everything; and 2) it’s impossible to grow anything that’s normal. I should add that those kids in that picture above are super up in that backyard and we need to make it kid-friendly. Which is why we knew we’d have to install a tether ball and work around that majestic piece of equipment. Besides, who doesn’t love to play tether ball? I’ll be honest, it gets me through the day.

After we put in bamboo flooring in our home to replace the awesome retro shag carpet that kids and a 15-year-old cocker spaniel (RIP, ELI) and a new puppy totally fucking wrecked, the dirt in the backyard started to show up right quick on our wood floors after we were hanging out in the dirt patch. And that’s when we realized we couldn’t hide the dirt patch anymore. We’re gonna’ kill that dirt patch. Read More