Meet The Goldmans

diy-familyOh, hi. We didn’t see you there. We’re just all worn out from thinking about the fun things we’re going to do to our house.

Okay, that’s just me (not pictured, but as seen here) and Aaron, the man of the house. We’re the ones that will be doing all the work. And we’re a little bit anxious about it, truthfully, especially Aaron who was recently, and repeatedly, shamed by our plumber. The one we had to call out three times to fix the same thing. Soooo, not sure how he had a leg to stand on. Anyway.

We live in LA in a mid-century modern house that we love, but given it was actually built in the mid-century, wow, are things falling apart. And given our huge plumbing bill, we’re a little low on remodeling funds. So we had this thought. Why not stop stressing out about when we’d have enough money to replace that godawful cabinetry, and just do this ourselves?

You should know that we’ve been married for almost 10 years, dating for like, 11 because we’re impulsive like that, and have never had this thought in our heads before. Let me tell you why. You see, I (April) was raised in Oklahoma and Texas and everyone did everything for themselves, including burning your own damn trash. In fact, I used to be able to fix anything on a car because it was old school before the whole computer thing happened and I wish I could still sort out how to do maintenance on my Prius. (This is probably how the Tea Party got started, right?)

Aaron, however, grew up in Southern California where you could make a call and everything was fixed. We were both very attracted to the other person’s experience. Which means, Aaron is always like, “Let’s do this ourselves!” And April is always, “Let’s valet.” Naturally, this has created, like, nothing.

But we’re going to change all that by redoing our house and yard and stuff one step at a time. Or at least we’ll try. And you’ll get to laugh at us all the way, because, people, we’re not that good at this. Unlike other super duper awesome websites, Aaron and I are 100% un-crafty and completely frightened about what’s about to happen. But shit has got to get done, and we’re going to do it. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a laugh riot. Or a cry riot. Or some kind of riot.

First up—our dirt patch that should be a backyard.